6-port Full Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch รุ่น ASIT-33064PF

6-port Full Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch รุ่น ASIT-33064PF


รุ่น ASIT-33064PF

  • Full gigabit design, 4 gigabit ports with AutoUplink™ , 2 gigabit SFP interfaces
  • Port 1-4 support PoE. Max Single PoE Port Power Output: 30W
  • Power ports supports both IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at standard PoE power supply
  • Supports IEEE802.3x flow control for Full-duplex Mode andback pressure for Half-duplex Mode
  • RJ-45 port supports Auto MDI/MDI-X
  • Automatic MAC address learning and aging
  • Auto-Negotiation for Full-duplex Mode and Half-duplex Mode
  • LED indicators for monitoring power/link/activity and Full-duplex or Half-duplex Mode
  • Provides DIN35 rail-type installation method
  • Electromagnetic compatibility of up to 4 grade standard
  • IP40 protection class
  • Superior performance, successfully used in industrial field
  • Default PoE power supply type is end-span, mid-span optional
  • รับประกันสินค้า 1 ปี /ชิ้น
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6-port Full Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch รุ่น ASIT-33064PF


6-port industrial PoE switch, with 4 10/100/1000M Ethernet PoE ports and 2 gigabit SFP slots, for connecting with devices like computer, switch, hub, server, etc, as well as powering network camera, VoIP, wireless AP and other PoE supported devices. Optical fiber SFP interface extends network transmission distance limit from 100m to above 20KM (Multi-mode 550mters, single-mode 20KM), it simply connects remote multiple motherboard servers, relays, hubs, terminals and multiple terminals. ASIT-33064PF product components were rigorous screened, have superior performance in stability, environmental adaptability. Shells were made by aluminum extrusion, more lighter, stronger, better resistance ability to corrosion and electromagnetic interference, ensure stability and security of Industrial Ethernet Switch, plus standard DIN-35 rail type installation method. Power input also chooses a suitable industry-standard types of power, to get more powerful suitability to environment.


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